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IN 2018

Lives were changed.

From launching Growth Track to championing church plants and strategic partners to caring for vulnerable children all over the world, Traders Point helped thousands of people start following Jesus and grow in their relationship with Him.


Growth Track

We launched Growth Track, a place to help people get engaged at Traders Point—taking steps to follow Jesus, get into a group, grow in their faith, and serve on a team.

We don’t want attendance to be the stopping place for anyone who calls Traders Point home. While attending Sunday services is an important part of growing a deeper faith, that’s just the starting line. When someone puts their trust in Jesus, he can change their whole life, and Growth Track helps more people begin that journey of living a full life in Christ. Growth Track happens after every service at all of our campuses! Learn more at


Week one of Growth Track lays a foundation for spiritual growth on the life-changing gospel of Jesus, and in 2018, many decided to publicly express their commitment to him through baptism.



Living your life in and through Christ is a big commitment, and the Christian life is much more marathon than sprint. It’s a race that cannot be run alone. In a group, you can find strength in community and the encouragement you need to keep growing in your faith.

people joined a group in 2018.
471 Groups
5,104 Members
708 Leaders


Growth Track week three examines the spiritual disciplines and practices that help us grow and become more like Jesus. While most of this growth is intangible, transforming one’s heart and mind, we know that growing people are generous people. Here at TPCC, we want to be generous in ways that only make sense in light of God’s grace.

Total Goal

Total tithes and offerings

Total given to local, domestic, and global partners and church multiplication


God does extraordinary things through ordinary people. Growth Track week four helps each participant discover the gifts, abilities, and talents God has given them to use for his glory and for serving others.

God has given each of you a gift from his great variety of spiritual gifts. Use them well to serve one another.
1 Peter 4:10, NLT

People served on a regular basis in 2018

Local Outreach

Serving opportunities are just as available outside the walls of the church as they are inside. Here are a few events and initiatives from 2018 that highlight the kind of blessing we hope to be to our local community.

IPS 43: James Whitcomb Riley Elementary School

IPS 43: James Whitcomb Riley Elementary School

75 volunteers from Traders Point generously gave 1200 hours of their time to IPS 43 in 2018. We gave 550 backpacks full of supplies for students to start the new school year off on the right foot. TPCC provided volunteers and supplies for several recognition “Buzz Parties,” teacher appreciation, field trips, and the Back to School Bash.

Bless Your Community (BYC)

Bless Your Community (BYC)

Between two BYC days, more than 500 people delivered 2000 blessing kits to their neighbors and host nearly 100 block parties to build relationships with those who live the closest.

Prom 2018

Prom 2018

Our prom for adults with special needs always stands out as one of the most joy-filled, memorable nights of the year, and for the first time ever, Prom took place at three TPCC locations! In 2018, Prom touched more people than any previous year:

565 guests (plus their caregivers) were shown the love of Jesus and served by 1,100 volunteers.

Watch the video

Caring For Vulnerable Children

In Psalm 68, God calls himself a father to the fatherless, and in Galatians 4, God says we have been adopted as his own kids. That’s what the gospel is all about, and that's what drives us. The early church was known for taking care of women and vulnerable children, and we believe God is calling us to do that in a big way.

At Traders Point

In 2018, we launched the Traders Point Foster & Adoption Ministry (FAM). FAM exists to equip the church to defend the cause of the fatherless. As Indiana faces a foster care crisis, we’re standing up for vulnerable children in a variety of ways.

  • Educating and equipping TPCC families to foster and adopt.
  • Providing grant opportunities for adoptive parents.
  • Creating care communities to support foster parents in our church.

To learn more about this new ministry, visit

Here are a few stories from those getting involved with FAM.

Click on Each Story Below to Read More

Spreading the Gospel

We know that discipleship happens best when people can worship and serve where they live—in their very own community. That’s what compelled us to launch multiple campuses in the Indianapolis area, and is a vision that continues to grow outside of our own city.

Mission City Church

In 2018, we sent former Traders Point executive pastor, Jake Barker to plant the very first Traders Point Network church. On September 16, 2018, Mission City Church held its first services, and they are now averaging about 100 attendees each weekend.


One of the most effective ways to reach people all around our city is by going to where our people are already living.

This is why we’ve gone multisite—not to grow bigger, but to help people live missionally. When someone worships in the same place they live, they can invite their friends, serve, and be more connected and grow by joining a group.

Three years ago, 250 people went all in on our mission and started meeting in a middle school in Carmel, launching the North campus. Now, there are 1,600 to 1,800 gathering to worship together in a permanent facility every week! Our Downtown campus began similarly—holding weekend services in the public library before getting a permanent home at 1201 N Delaware, and now there are about 1,500 in attendance people each week.

Several months later, a few hundred people took our mission to the westside. TPCC West meets in a portable church setup at Avon Middle School North with around 800 to 900 in attendance every week. This year, a family from our church generously committed to give a gift in 2019 that will enable us to secure land to build a permanent facility for our West campus!

We’ve identified where we believe God is leading us to start campuses 5 and 6, and when we have more information to share, we will! Join us in praying for the teams God will raise up to help launch those campuses and that God would lead us every step of the way.

Attendance at a Traders Point campus

8,334 Average Weekend Attendance
9% Increase from 2017 (7,623)

15,437 Attended Easter Services
18,709 Attended Christmas Services

Streaming attendance and online engagement

1,096 Average Weekly Livestream
25,000,000 impressions (times TPCC posts were shown to users)
194,000 engagements (times someone liked, commented, shared, or clicked on TPCC posts)
A Letter from Lead Pastor, Aaron Brockett

A Letter from Lead Pastor, Aaron Brockett

In 2018, God has done far more than we could have asked or imagined. I'm consistently blown away by the way God chooses to use Traders Point.

So many things stand out to me, but here are a few ways God worked in and through our church in 2018 that I reflect on:

The way he called us to care for vulnerable children. He called us to sponsor nearly 5,000 children in South America through our partnership with Stadia and Compassion International. He also allowed us to help Hands of Hope launch an online care portal and more care communities to address the foster crisis in Indy.

The people who are coming to know Jesus because of the work of church plants around the world—churches we support in Santa Barbara, Germany, Paris, Harlem, Hollywood, and more.

The lives that are being changed, every week, at each of our campuses, because they are following Jesus and growing in their faith.

I want Traders Point to be the kind of church that gives so generously to others that they can’t help but recognize how much Jesus loves them.

As I look to 2019, I'm excited about where God is calling us—to do more for vulnerable children through our Foster & Adoption Ministry, to launch more campuses so that people can worship where they live and work, and much more. Let’s keep God always ahead of us, following after his lead. I'd like you to pray with me and our staff, asking him to lead the way, wherever he wants us to go.

Thank you for giving generously of your time, gifts, and resources. Lindsay and I are so grateful to be a part of this with you. Let’s continue to follow Jesus and seek him in everything we do.

With you,

Aaron Brockett,
Lead Pastor