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Lead Team

Aaron Brockett, lead pastor

Greg Anderson, executive pastor

Rachel Collins, executive assistant
Nathan Branam, central ministries minister

Petie Kinder, campus ministries pastor
Landon Rose, creative department minister
Tom Prestridge, central operations executive


Ryan Bramlett, campus pastor

Andre' Cooley, ministry coordinator
Emily Day, guest experience minister

Kirsten Olson, kids minister

Taylor Warren, groups minister


Kyle Riley, campus pastor
Kristen Edwards, kids director
Jenna Phillips, guest experience director 


Bart Shaw, campus pastor

Jennifer Coldiron, guest experience director

Kristen Dalton, groups minister
Anthony Hunt, kids minister
Anna Lawler, ministry coordinator



Aaron Hoover, campus pastor
Jen Barenie, guest experience director
Nick Durm, groups minister
Mike Evans, student minister 
Julie Kane, kids director


Shanna Lotz, team minister

Vicky Adkison, administration assistant

Courtney Bonner, preschool director

Sherry Branam, groups minister

Frankie Fehsenfeld, guest experience director

Matt Gastineau, groups minister

Don Keehner, groups minister

Katie Mendez, nursery and toddler director

Amanda Pierce, kids minister

Peter Sanders, guest experience resource coordinator

Cade Stockwell, groups minister

Brittany Wayman, guest experience minister

Diana Weir, groups minister

Wendy Wilken, special needs director
Rachel Winters, elementary director


David Cupp, campus pastor

Shannon Garcia, kids minister

Michael Johnson, guest experience minister
Danielle Lenne, leadership resident

Campus Ministries

Guest Experience

Brittany Wayman, guest experience minister

Jen Barenie, Northeast guest experience director
Jennifer Coldiron, North guest experience director
Emily Day, Downtown guest experience minister

Frankie Fehsenfeld, Northwest guest experience director
Michael Johnson, West guest experience minister

Jenna Phillips, Midtown guest experience director

Peter Sanders, Northwest guest experience resource coordinator


Bart Shaw, lead groups minister

Sherry Branam, Northwest groups minister

Kristen Dalton, North groups minister

Nick Durm, Northeast groups minister 

Matt Gastineau, Northwest groups minister

Don Keehner, Northwest groups minister

Cade Stockwell, Northwest groups minister
Taylor Warren, Downtown groups minister

Diana Weir, Northwest groups minister


Courtney Bonner, Northwest preschool director
Whitney Dunlop, kids ministry resource coordinator

Kristen Edwards, Midtown kids director 

Shannon Garcia, West kids minister

Anthony Hunt, North kids minister
Julie Kane, Northeast kids director

Katie Mendez, Northwest nursery and toddler director

Kacy Nees, kids ministry curriculum minister

Kirsten Olson, Downtown kids minister

Amanda Pierce, Northwest kids minister

Jessica Tucker, kids ministry resource coordinator
Michelle Willis, kids ministry resource coordinator
Wendy Wilken, Northwest special needs director

Hannah Wittrig, kids ministry creative director
Rachel Winters, Northwest elementary director

Creative Department


Jill Van Nostran, communications director
Chris McLellan, visual director
Jessica Sauer, digital communications specialist
Julie Spencer, communications project manager
Aidan Wilkins, content writer


Jeremy Spencer, film team director
Christian Barreno, film team producer


Noah Drook, technical director
Kris Dunlop, video systems director
Ryan Eads, technical director
Corey Eggleston, audio systems director
Kathy Faulkner, administrative assistant
Jonathan Ficklin, production systems technician

Robert Helmholz, technical director
Jack Hogan, technical director
Alex Holt, lighting systems director
Brian Phillips, technical director
Mike Simmons, technical director
Brent Whetstine, production director
Zane Barkoviak, production leadership resident
Christianna Lopez, production leadership resident


Myron El, campus worship minister
Greg Frazee, campus worship minister
Mark Hofstrom, campus worship minister
Liz McClintic, worship team leader
Julia Walker, campus worship leader
Jack Hogan IV, worship leadership resident

Central Services


Phil Wright, counseling minister

Jenny Braun, care director

Sheri El, benevolence minister

Dan Evans, care minister

Karlene Kashman, administrative assistant

Myriam Rangel, leadership resident



Rob McEwan, environments director

Rob Brown, property manager

Casey Griesi, Northwest receptionist

Wendell Wright, safety coordinator

Mike Lynch, safety manager

Alyssa Montgomery, facilities team leader

Rob Nance, property director

Kayla Smith, facilities director

Jackie Tague, building scheduler

Tim Thompson, property assistant

Bud Tsakrios, facilities team leader

Cheri Draper, park and welcome desk coordinator


Sarah Booth, finance assistant

Brian Eversman, purchasing manager

Kathleen Smith, data entry specialist

Dee Ann Steward, finance assistant

Lisa Stanley, finance assistant

Culture & Development

Kristen Miller, culture & development director

Shari Eisenman, culture & development manager

Micah Wood, culture & development assistant 

Emily Hoover, recruitment specialist

Jordan Jones, leadership institute director


Chris Nelson, IT director and CIO

Christopher Brown, IT support technician
Tim Frost, IT support technician

Dustin Groh, IT systems and support analyst
Brian Paison, director of program management
Dave Reid, IT InfoSec Specialist & Systems Administrator
Leanne Smiley, IT administrative assistant
Myles Svendsen, IT program manager
Jason Walker, IT systems administrator


Josh Pezold, outreach minister

Taranza Brown, outreach programming director

Laura Mobley, foster & adoption ministry director

Kris Paison, foster & adoption ministry coordinator



Josiah Brock, student minister
Mike Evans, student minister
Tyler Lemmel, student operations lead
Eric Pendley, student outreach minister

Anne Wilson, lead student minister

Natalie Evans, leadership resident

Nicholas Ihle, leadership resident


Strategic development

Jim Stanley, strategic development director

Project Management

Allie Bryant, ministries project manager
Cindy Meskauskas, project manager
Bailey Lotz, leadership resident



John Shubat, chairman of the elder team

Aaron Brockett, lead pastor

Rod Duncan, elder

Jay Dziwlik, elder

Doug Felton, elder

Gene Harker, elder

Jon Huskins, elder

Henry Jones, elder

James Payne, elder

Jason Ross, elder

Earl Thompson, elder

Howard Brammer, pastor emeritus

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