Unbreakable – February 3 & 4

Life under the sun can be unbearable, but faith in God’s Son will make you unbreakable.

Read these verses before your discussion:
Ecclesiastes 9-10

Dive deeper into this week’s sermon content. Use these questions to help guide your group discussion.

  1. By now you might be realizing Ecclesiastes isn’t exactly a self-help or a story with a tidy ending—this book is one that leaves you with more questions than you started. What questions do you still have about this book, Solomon’s life, or how it should impact your life?

  2. Read Ecclesiastes 9:1. Do you agree with Solomon—is everything really in God’s hands? Do you believe God is in control, or are you one that stresses and worries when you feel like you don’t have a grip on every little thing? What do you need to loosen up on?

  3. Jesus came to bring us joy and a fuller, more vibrant way to experience life. Unfortunately, we don’t always feel so joyful. Share some of your struggles with the group, but also share some good things. What have you really been enjoying recently?

Remember: change happens one small step at a time. Read the Bible daily with your group and church family at tpcc.org/dailybiblereading