Words to Self – January 6 & 7

We need to review where we’ve been so we can know where to go.

Read these verses before your discussion:
Ecclesiastes 1-2
John 10:10 

Dive deeper into this week’s sermon content. Use these questions to help guide your group discussion.

  1. Looking back is crucial to understanding where we need to go. Put 2017 under review—what were some of your favorite moments in the past year? Where did you see growth spiritually, relationally, and professionally? What challenges came your way?

  2. We’re all looking for purpose and fulfillment but often neglect a relationship with God, missing out on the peace, contentment, and joy only he can supply. Where do you find yourself pursuing other things (or people) to fulfill and gratify your desires?

  3. Information never guarantees transformation, but careful plans and intentional follow-through bring growth. What small steps do you need to take today in your relationships and spiritual life?

Remember: change happens one small step at a time. Read the Bible daily with your group and church family at tpcc.org/dailybiblereading