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Fight For Your Kids – April 14 & 15

When it comes to our relationships with our kids, we want to be prayerful and intentional, not overbearing or uninvolved.

Read these verses before your discussion:
1 Kings 2:2-12

Dive deeper into this week’s sermon content. Use these questions to help guide your group discussion.

  1. As you read this passage, what stood out to you about David and Solomon’s relationship?

  2. When it comes to being overbearing or uninvolved, where do you naturally go? What was your family of origin like when it comes to this? How do you see your family’s patterns in your own daily decisions?

  3. When it comes to your relationships, what would it look like for you to be prayerful and intentional instead of being overbearing and uninvolved? What’s one step you can take today to become a more prayerful and intentional parent, sibling, son/daughter?