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Man Up

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There is a character in the Old Testament named Samson who was given great strength by God. This strength was supposed to be for the glory of God and the advancement of His people, but instead of obeying God, Samson decided to go his own way. He chased his own pleasure and used his strength in ways God never intended.

Aren't we all a little bit like Sampson? We want to take control and rely on ourselves, but where does our strength come from? Man Up will take a close look at Samson's life—the ways he honored God and all the times he turned away. We'll learn from his mistakes and be reminded from where true strength comes. In the end, Samson's strongest moment came sacrificing himself for others. Jesus has done the same for us. Maybe there is real strength in doing what God asks of us. Maybe we don’t need to man up as much as we need to give up.

June 10/11, 2017Jun 10, 2017

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