Parents are the primary spiritual influence in the life of their child so we want to come alongside you as you lead your kid to Jesus. This is a space for you to see the Scripture reference and Bible story from the weekend, along with provided activities that foster conversations about Jesus at home.


December is the perfect month to talk with your toddler about Jesus! All toddlers understand how special a birthday is and Jesus’ birthday is the most special one we can celebrate. This month, toddlers will learn that Christmas is special because it’s when we celebrate God’s son, Jesus’, birthday. Each week, preschoolers will walk through an aspect of the Christmas story. All this month, remind your child that Christmas is all about celebrating Jesus!

We will celebrate Jesus’ birthday with our Birthday Party for Jesus weekend on December 16 and 17. Toddlers will celebrate by decorating their classroom and playing a fun game! Each family will also receive a Birthday Party Box as they leave class. These boxes contain a cake mix, frosting, and other items so that your family can have a birthday party for Jesus on Christmas morning! Your family won’t want to miss this special weekend!

December 2: Luke 1:26-33, 38, 46
The angel delivers a special message to Mary.

December 9: Luke 2:1-7
Jesus is born in a stable.

December 16: Luke 2:6-18
The angels tell the shepherds about Jesus.

December 20, 23, & 24: Luke 1-2 The Christmas Story
Christmas is when we celebrate that Jesus was born! 

December 30 & 31: Luke 10:25-37
The good Samaritan.


PLAY TIME: Get your child’s favorite baby doll or action figure. Hold the toy like it’s a baby and ask your child to help you take care of it. Pretend to feed the baby, burp it, and play with it. Talk about how all babies are special, but Christmas is when we celebrate the most special baby of all being born – Jesus! Jesus is special because he is God’s son!

PARTY TIME: Have a birthday party for Jesus! Make a birthday cake and decorate it together. Then, sing happy birthday to God’s son, Jesus! As you enjoy your cake, talk with your family about the importance of Jesus’ birthday. Our sins made us far away from God and God knew we couldn’t get close to him on our own. So, he sent his son, Jesus to die for our sins, come back to life, and bring us close to God! That’s why Jesus is so special!