Parents are the primary spiritual influence in the life of their child so we want to come alongside you as you lead your kid to Jesus. This is a space for you to see the Scripture reference and Bible story from the weekend, along with provided activities that foster conversations about Jesus at home.


Toddlers have been learning about God’s faithfulness in keeping his promises. This month they will continue to learn this through new Bible stories. Moving further through the Bible, they will see that God’s promises will always remain true. Like in the story of Jacob, they will learn that nothing can stop God’s promises. They will learn about how God changed Jacob’s name and how God’s promises change lives. Later in the month as Thanksgiving nears, they will learn that Jesus is all we need. Finally, they will learn that Jesus heals us from our sin and this is something to be thankful for! God’s promises are true yesterday, today, and forever so we can trust him every day.

November 4: Genesis 25:27-34; 27:1-45

Nothing stopped God’s promise to Jacob.

November 11: Genesis 32-33

God’s promises change lives.

November 18: Mark 10:17-27

Jesus is all we need.

November 25: Luke 17:11-19

Jesus heals us from sin.



Play time: When we choose Jesus, he changes our hearts. We want to show others God’s love by being kind to them and helping them. We don’t care as much about the things we have, because we know that Jesus is all we need! But Jesus teaches us that he is the best and the only thing we need. Invite your child to draw a picture of someone they love and could be kind to.

Prayer time: Begin praying with your child at any age and model for him/her what it looks like to talk to God. Pray this prayer with your child: “Dear God, thank you for sending your son Jesus to heal us from our sins. The Bible says we can thank you in all circumstances, so help (child’s name) remember how you keep your promises. We thank you for who you are! Remind (him/her) that you are always good and can always be trusted. I pray that (child’s name) knows that you are all (he/she) needs. We love you so much God, in Jesus’ name, Amen.”