Parents are the primary spiritual influence in the life of their child so we want to come alongside you as you lead your kid to Jesus. This is a space for you to see the Scripture reference and Bible story from the weekend, along with provided activities that foster conversations about Jesus at home.


In February, the lesson for your toddlers will be the same throughout the whole month. Our goal is to help kids experience Jesus in an age-appropriate way and we want to help your toddler learn about God and the Bible. This month, the lesson focuses on baby Moses and how God saved him. We will emphasize how Jesus saves us and wants to be our friend forever.


PLAY TIME: In the Bible story, Moses’ mother hid him in a basket to keep him safe. Using a baby doll or figurine, play hide and seek with your kids. Take turns letting each of you hide the baby, and then let the others search for the hidden baby. Remind them that God saved Moses’ life when he was a baby so that he could grow up to save God’s people from the king. Later, Jesus would come to earth to save us from our sin! When we think of what Moses did, we can be reminded of what Jesus did! 

PRAYER TIME: Talk with your child about how the God saved baby Moses. God also saved us when he gave us Jesus to be our friend forever! Sit somewhere cozy and cuddle up with your toddler. Encourage them that we can talk to God anywhere and anytime. Lead them in a prayer to thank God for Jesus. Pray this prayer over them: “Dear God, thank you for giving us the Bible so we can learn about you. Thank you that you want to be our friend forever. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”