There is no greater influence in the life of a child than a parent. That's why we give you the big idea, Bible verse, and Bible story from each week. Not only for you to review with your kids, but so that they can hear it and learn it from you first before they come to a weekend service. We want to come alongside you as you lead your kids to Jesus.

Is your child ready for baptism?

Series Bible Verse

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it. (John 1:5)

Spend some time memorizing this verse as a family.

December 2

Light a candle in a dark room (do this with your parents).

  1. Do you like to sleep with a light on? Why or why not?
  2. Why do vehicles need headlights?
  3. What would life be like if there was no electricity?

Big Idea- Christ our light shows the way to God!
Jesus fulfilled God’s promise of a Wonderful Counselor. A counselor is a guide to help you make wise choices. Jesus is the ultimate counselor who guides you through the journey of life. Jesus was also called the light of the world, meaning he would lead people to God in a world full of evil and sin.

How are the names of Jesus, “Wonderful Counselor” and “Light of the world” similar?

Bible Story – (Luke 1:26-56) Joseph and Mary are given the news of Jesus
God used Mary in a big way! Is God using you? Do you ever feel like God won’t use you in a big way? Why or why not?

Take time as a family to praise Jesus for specific ways he has been your Wonderful Counselor.

December 9

Have everyone in your family draw a star.
What do stars in the sky? What do you think the star has to do with a “Mighty God?”

Bible Story – (Luke 2:1-20) Shepherds and the birth of Jesus
Jesus fulfilled God’s promise of a Mighty God. This name of Jesus was important because it showed that Jesus was not an ordinary human. He was, in fact, divine! He was God! Jesus was the visible image of an invisible God! Jesus was the One who created the stars in the sky that lit up the night as the shepherds were guarding their flocks.

Big Idea – Jesus is the light of the world
How can we let Christ guide our life? What is something you can do as a family to let the light of Christ shine brightly this Christmas season?

Worship Jesus through prayer as you tell Him how awesome and mighty he is. Tell Jesus that you know He is God!

December 16

Talk about it!
What’s the best gift you’ve ever gotten? What’s the best gift you’ve ever given?

Bible Story – (Matthew 2:1-21) Magi Visited Jesus
Jesus fulfilled Gods promise of an Everlasting Father. A father is one who cares deeply for his children. And though earthly fathers make mistakes, Christ would be the ultimate Father whose care would last forever and ever and ever! That wise men knew this promise and came to worship Jesus with gifts. What gift would you give Jesus?

Big Idea – We worship Jesus who is the light Christmas
On Christmas morning what is something you can do as a family to thank Jesus for what He has done?

The love we receive from Everlasting Father is awesome! Thank Jesus for how he has shown love to you!

December 23/24

It's Christmas! Throw a birthday party for Jesus!


December 30

Bible Story – Luke 10:25-37 (Good Samaritan)
Who is your neighbor? How can you show love to your neighbor?

Draw It!
WHAT YOU DO: Fold your papers into fourths. (fold it half. And then fold it in half again.) In each square that you just made by folding – Write or draw out ways that you can serve / show love to others.

Top Left – How can you serve and love others at home?

Top Right – How can you serve and love others at school?

Bottom Left – How can you serve and love others in your neighborhood / community?

Bottom Right – How can you serve and love others at church?

DISCUSS: After the boxes are completed you (or a group member) read Mark 9:35.

“Whoever wants to be first must take last place and be the servant of everyone else.”

Out of all the boxes which place will be the hardest to show love? Why?

Why do you think God wants us to love others even if they’re mean to us? (make Jesus famous. Jesus led by example and loved those who hated Him.)

Which box will you start on today? What will you do?

Pray over the paper that you just drew on. Ask God to give you the wisdom / boldness / etc. to love like Jesus does.