There is no greater influence in the life of a child than a parent. That's why we give you the big idea, Bible verse, and Bible story from each week. Not only for you to review with your kids, but so that they can hear it and learn it from you first before they come to a weekend service. We want to come alongside you as you lead your kids to Jesus.

Is your child ready for baptism?

April 7

Courage comes from God.

Read It

Numbers 13-14

Watch it

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Write it

Write, “I have courage,” in the middle of a piece of paper. Write all of the things that take courage for you to do or overcome.

Ask your child, “Why do you think God puts things in our lives that are too difficult to do or overcome? How can trusting God help us face our fears?”


Thank God that courage comes from him and hope comes from him! We can persevere through hard times by remembering what Jesus did to save us!

April 14

Made new.

Read it

Matthew 21:1-17; Luke 19:28-44; John 12:12-19

What do you think about the way Jesus made His entry? If you were King of the world how would you enter a town? Why do you think Jesus entered this way?

Pray Together

Spend some time praying as a family.

  1. Thank God for the salvation that comes through Jesus alone.
  2. Pray for your school, teachers and classmates.
  3. Thank God for hearing our prayers.
  4. Thank God that he is King!

April 21

When we trust in Jesus, we are made new.

It’s Easter! Go through the slime kits you received at church today!

April 28

Salvation is found in Jesus.

Read It

Numbers 20-21

Watch it

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Draw it!

Draw a picture of what the Bible story may have looked like. (It could look like the Israelites looking to the bronze serpent with snakes coming after them!)

As you do that ask the following questions: Why did God send the snakes to bite the Israelites? (He loved His people and wanted to lead them to repent and turn back to Him.)

How does the bronze snake remind us of Jesus? (Jesus was lifted up on a cross to die for our sins. On the third day he rose again and provides the cure for sin.)

Pray and thank God that we can trust in Him to be healed! Thank Him for saving us from sin!