Ministry areas

Some areas available for leadership residents include:


The care ministry exists to provide care to the broken by offering comfort, truth, grace, and a path to restoration. We equip staff, volunteer leaders, and group leaders to meet people where they are, and we offer specialized support through care ministry staff in counseling, benevolence, pastoral care, and prayer. The care leadership resident will gain exposure and experience in each of these areas.


Communications uses art, technology, and messaging to help people learn more about the gospel and about Traders Point. A communications leadership resident will get a behind-the-scenes look at church communications, and walk away with the skills and knowledge to serve churches and ministries through communications tools and initiatives.


Connections exists to provide an always-improving guest experience for every single person who walks in the doors at Traders Point. Our interactions and intentionality can impact people in ways where barriers are removed and people can hear the gospel. Everything we do within Connections ministry is created for people to come to know Jesus and get connected at Traders Point.


We believe people grow best when they are connected in intentional relationships with others. Groups are the main place for our people to grow in their walk with Jesus as they connect with others to be disciples that make disciples. Leadership residents will grow to understand why we do what we do, as well as be a part of team that trains leaders, creates connections, encourages multiplication, and helps us fulfill Mathew 28:19-20.


The Facilities Department provides support to all ministries and outside groups that use any of the TPCC buildings and properties. We provide support in the areas of building scheduling, preparation and cleanliness, property maintenance, and safety and medical support. This team also provides food team support to various activities at the Northwest Campus.


IT equips and enables every ministry of TPCC with the tools and information they need to have the maximum kingdom impact. We simplify complex operations and put the right data in front of the right people at the right time to enable them to make the best possible decisions, create the deepest relationships, and move faster than otherwise possible. We provide the technical network and infrastructure to reach the farthest parts of the globe for all the ministries here. Our small team works hand-in-hand with volunteers and handles all aspects of IT, from cabling to networks to servers and back.

You don't need to be an expert in all things IT to be a leadership resident. All we ask is that you have a willingness to learn and the dedication to see a job through. What you don't know yet, we'll teach you along the way—everything from tech strategy and database management, to pulling cables and all the in between. We recognize IT is a huge field, and finding your niche can be pretty daunting. Our tightknit team is responsible for every IT function here at TPCC. By the time you're done with one year on our team, you'll know the parts of IT you love and the parts you never want to do again! Join us, and gain valuable tools that match your passion for Christ with your skills in technology.


Kids ministry exists to help kids experience Jesus on their level. Our engaging environments allow kids to build relationships with leaders who are intentional about making Jesus the hero. As kids begin to follow Jesus, we want to support and encourage parents to be the primary spiritual influence for their children. The kids ministry leadership resident will experience all aspects of our birth through grade six programming, including our special needs ministry.


The Outreach Team exists to be an extension of the Traders Point Christian Church vision of multiplying disciples and churches. We desire to see multiplication, ongoing connection, and strategic mobilization in our campuses, communities, country, and continents. We believe God has called us to partner with Him in the redemption of all things through the gospel. Leadership residents in the outreach department will learn what it’s like to serve at a multisite church with this vision, and come alongside to help put it into action.


The campus pastor leadership resident will learn how to oversee, lead, and manage a multisite campus from every angle, including local outreach, groups, age level, administration, and pastoral care. The resident will follow the campus pastor closely and learn how to navigate multisite issues in a growing church environment.


The Production Department at TPCC is responsible for creating an environment that engages people with the love of God through word and worship.They leverage lighting, video and sound, and even stage setup to effectively communicate the gospel. Those tools are complimented by the expertise and service of dedicated volunteers.

As a leadership resident, you'll gain valuable experience leading a volunteer team for a worship service. This role is vital to both the larger picture of a service, as well as the details of the technical teams that support it.

Special Needs

The special needs ministry exists to help people of all ability levels experience Jesus on their level. We believe that all people are created perfectly by God and bear His image, and our goal is to include those with special needs in all facets of our church. We offer a special needs room and inclusion programs in Kids Ministry, an inclusion program in Student Ministry, and Bible study specifically designed for adults with special needs. Every year we host our annual prom for adults with special needs, Our Starry Night.

A leadership resident in the special needs ministry will learn the Biblical basis and importance for a special needs ministry, how it fits into our church values and vision, the best way to accommodate all ability levels, and how to support families.


Student ministry exists to help students experience Jesus on their level. We want to create a place where students experience acceptance, love, and encouragement from people who love Jesus. Student ministry leadership residents will gain experience in community outreach, student discipleship, leading groups, how to create welcoming environments, and how to have an effective student ministry in a growing multisite church.


The worship team's main function is to support our teaching pastors and special events teams, by creatively planning and executing distraction-free and spiritually engaging worship services. The team also provides personal, spiritual, and musical growth and development for worship volunteers.