Do you ever do nice things for others, just because? No-strings-attached generosity has the power to make the forgotten feel known and the neglected feel valued—and all of that can happen when we’re nice to each other, just because.

That’s the heart of the Just Because card—each and every person has been created by a wonderful maker, and they deserve to experience the love he has for them. This Christmas season, take some Just Because cards with you when you leave service (they're available at your campus!), and do something nice for a neighbor, coworker, or even a stranger.

Need some ideas? Here are some ideas to get started:

  • Leave an extra big tip
  • Bring fresh flowers
  • Offer free babysitting
  • Bake homemade cookies
  • Buy someone’s coffee
  • Give the delivery guy a special treat (postman, garbage man, etc.)
  • Send an encouraging note
  • Pay for groceries
  • Take a meal
  • Shovel snow
  • Give your bus driver a gift

Don’t make it too complicated—if you see someone in need, help them out! Maybe even leave them a note with the Just Because card. Get creative, have fun, and make sure people know you love them this holiday season.