Value One

Relational Evangelism

We will “wreck the roof” by removing unnecessary barriers that keep people from Jesus.

Value Two

Biblical Authority

We will hold the Bible above us as our authority while striving to help everyone understand and apply it.

Value Three

Intentional Discipleship

We will intentionally dig our spiritual wells deep through study, prayer, and relationships.

Value Four

Outstanding Environments

We will remember that kingdom purpose wins over personal preference as we create environments for people to meet Jesus.

Value Five

Healthy Culture

We will stay humble and hungry, realizing that we will accomplish more by having the right culture, than we ever will by having the right strategies.

Value Six

Gifted Service

We will always look for ways to contribute, rather than consume.

Value Seven

Joyful Generosity

We will lead the way with the kind of generosity that only makes sense in light of God’s grace.