Groups are where we connect and grow.

Groups are gender-specific or married couple gatherings of eight to 12 people who gather two to four times per month, with one goal in mind: to become more like Jesus. Groups often create a fun, social environment, but they are focused on the personal and collective spiritual growth that comes from studying God's word together and applying it to our lives.

Men's, women's, and married groups meet all over the Indianapolis area—in homes, coffee shops, diners, and TPCC locations. If you’re interested in joining a group, we'd love to help you take this next step in your faith. Attend week two of Growth Track to gain a greater understanding of how a group can be a source of encouragement, the accountability you need to keep going, and a catalyst for your spiritual growth.

Attend Growth Track

If you attended week two of Growth Track and weren't ready to get in a group, but would like to do so now—visit our Next Steps page. Someone from our team would love to help you out!

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of groups exist?

Men's, women's, and married couple groups meet all over the Indianapolis area—in homes, coffee shops, diners, and at TPCC locations. 

What kind of commitment is expected for a group?

Most groups meet on either a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Groups work best whenever individuals prioritize attending as many groups as possible. With that, you will best develop relationships with others in your group and deepen your relationship with God.

What can I expect whenever I attend a group?

Our groups meet in a variety of different settings from a person’s home, to on-campus at Traders Point, or at a coffee shop. However, every group is designed to create an environment where the individuals in the group can be discipled, cared for, and have opportunities to serve together. Groups walk through a discussion guide that is based on the current sermon series.

How do you determine who goes into a certain group?

We want our groups to be filled with people who are in a similar location and similar life stage. Whenever you are finding a group this is why you are asked particular questions about where you live, your age, child care, etc. Our hope is to find the best available group match based on these certain search criteria.

What time do your groups meet?

Groups meet at various days and times across Indianapolis. We have groups that meet in the morning, at lunch, and during the evening. Our groups are flexible and work around a variety of schedules.

Do you have groups for young adults and individuals 60+?

Yes, since our groups filter through age, location, and life stage we have specific groups that encompass these demographics.

Are you ready to lead?

Group leaders play an important role in creating environments where people can grow to be more like Jesus. If God is moving you to lead a group, we want to help equip and train you to lead well!

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