What to Expect

Moving from Toddler to Preschool

Your preschooler or kindergartener will get to experience Jesus on a whole new level through a new large group environment and small group activities! Preschoolers spend part of their time in a large group environment called Wiggle Worship where they will sing worship songs and hear a Bible lesson presented in an age-appropriate way. In their classroom, they will participate in active learning centers that reinforce the Bible lesson. During this time, your child will receive a sticker with a question related to the Bible lesson. Be sure to ask your child the question on their sticker each week so they can tell you what they learned! The answer to the question is posted at the check-in counter for your convenience. You can also listen to some of the songs your child will sing in Wiggle Worship on our Spotify playlist.

Moving from Kindergarten to Grade 1

As kids move out of Early Childhood ministry, they enter our Elementary ministry which includes grades 1 through 6. Team members intentionally build and develop relationships with elementary kids. During service, they meet in a large group environment for worship and age-appropriate teaching and then break off into small groups. During these years, we encourage kids to develop genuine hearts for worship and allow them time to reflect and pray. Communion is introduced to the kids and is available for them and their families after service. Small group environments allow kids to ask questions and obtain practical advice on applying biblical principles to their lives.