Good Friday

Friday, April 19, 2019, 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Friday, April 19

On Good Friday, we reflect and remember Jesus’ death on the cross as final payment for our sin. Some of us can be tempted to gloss over the painful parts of this story—we want to look the other way and jump to the resurrection. But we can’t have the resurrection without the cross. 

If we’re going to experience the real freedom Jesus offers, we also have to know the weight of our sin and the debt Jesus paid for us. His work on the cross sets us free to be with him and to live a real, hope-filled life!

Take some intentional time today to reflect, read, and pray. If you have kids, spend some time reading through this story with them, ask them what they notice, and take their lead. (Also: they won’t want to miss Kids Ministry during Easter this weekend! There’s a special activity for kids to take home that will help them understand sin and Jesus’ sacrifice for us.) 

Read these passages and reflect:

Where have you ignored or looked past your sin, ignoring the spiritual reality of its consequences? Is there anything you’re currently hiding that keeps you from experiencing freedom in Jesus? Confess it today. 

Jesus, thank you for your finished work on the cross that paid the debt of my sin! Help me lay down the things that keep me from knowing and trusting you more fully. Forgive me for my sin, and help me accept and live in the grace and freedom you offer!

Enjoy this Spotify playlist we curated just for your Good Friday listening!

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