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Hell is too big.

week 1: The martian

Day 3

Luke 19:10
For the Son of Man came to seek and save those who are lost.

Sometimes it seems like we’ve become immune and unmoved by the fact that there are people living without the hope of Jesus.

We should never worry about the church getting “too big.” Here’s what’s far too big: Hell. Bigger than it should be. There are too many people who are unaware or don’t understand the love and the grace of their Heavenly Father.

Jesus had so many criticize him for going after those who were far from God. In the gospel written by Luke, the physician, it says the crowd muttered because Jesus was focusing all of his time and energy on lost and hurting people. We, as his people and his church, should share his heart. The church exists primarily for the mission and ministry of Jesus—to reach those who are lost!

As you grow deeper in your relationship with Jesus, ask God to give you a continual awareness and burden for lost and hurting people, knowing this is the mission and ministry of Jesus!

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