True compassion goes from our head to our heart and from our heart to our hands. One of the most compassionate acts in human history happened when God sent Jesus to take our place and die for us.

Easter is the celebration of the compassion God has for us! Jesus has been calling us to unleash compassion in our world ever since.

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What are we doing?

This Easter we had an incredible opportunity to tangibly represent God’s love through child sponsorship. In December, we told you about a partnership with Stadia, an organization that plants churches that intentionally care for vulnerable children. They won’t stop until every child has a church and is cared for. This Easter, in addition to the work we are doing with Stadia to plant four Churches in Peru, we also had an amazing opportunity to sponsor thousands of children in Peru and Brazil through Compassion!

I have a question about Compassion and Stadia as an organization. Can I talk to someone?

Check out the websites for Compassion and Stadia to find answers to any questions you may have. 

What is the cost? What is the age range? How long is the commitment?

$38/month, the average age is 5-years-old and above. You have the opportunity to sponsor a child until he or she is 18-years-old.

What if I took a packet at one of the Easter services but didn't turn in the card before I left?

Any packet turned in after Easter services must be sent directly to Compassion using the envelope found in the packet.
Please Note: You must send in your packet info to Compassion prior to the expiration date found on your packet.

What if my campus ran out of packets?

First: we'll celebrate! We also want everyone to be able to sponsor a child through Compassion, they just won’t necessarily be in Peru or Brazil where we have church planting partnerships. Children are close to God’s heart, so if God has laid it on your heart to sponsor, click here.


Sponsor A Child*

*Please be aware that any child sponsored using this link will be in South America but won't necessarily be part of our church planting partnerships in Peru or Brazil.