• Aaron Brockett

    Aaron Brockett

    Lead Pastor, Elder

    Anyone who knew Aaron as he grew up in Joplin, MO, would not have predicted that this shy, introverted boy would follow in his grandfather’s footsteps and become a pastor. Much less that he would serve as lead pastor of a large church. Certainly, Aaron didn’t think so. Or want to. After high school, he enrolled in Ozark Christian College to major in counseling. But during his freshman year, Aaron felt God’s call to preaching ministry. At first, he fought it. Then he reluctantly gave it a try, as a guest preacher in a small Arkansas church. “It was the scariest thing I’d ever done,” he says now. “Feeling that call affirmed by the Spirit of God, I couldn’t wait to do it again.” He switched his major to preaching.

    Fast forward to 2007, when, after nine years in ministry, Aaron and his family moved to Indiana to join Traders Point. Now he and wife Lindsay and their four children—son Conor and daughters Campbell, Kennedi, and Kadence—are firmly entrenched in the community and the church’s future. Aaron’s messages, often described by congregation members as “biblical,” “honest,” “bold,” and “challenging,” are obviously inviting as well, even to those who have not yet come to Christ.

    But Aaron makes it clear that neither his focus—nor Traders Point’s—is on numbers. Instead it’s on the health of the church and its mission to clarify the Gospel message in word and action by making Jesus known. Or as Aaron explains, “We’re not trying to grow the church for anybody but Jesus.”

  • Jake Barker

    Jake Barker

    Executive Pastor

    Behind every good leader stands another leader—investing, developing, and pouring into him. Jake Barker serves as an executive pastor at TPCC, with his primary role to develop and equip leaders, while overseeing the areas of Age Level, Communications, and Worship. Holding his Bachelor of Science from Cincinnati Christian University, Jake loves to see leaders push themselves and grow—both as leaders and followers of Christ. The father of three kids, Emmy, Collier, and Knox, and husband to wife Trudy, Jake strives to reach those both far from and near to God, and to lead them into a growing relationship with Jesus.

  • Jim Stanley

    Jim Stanley

    Executive Pastor, Elder

    Everyone needs two kinds of people in their life: challengers and encouragers. Executive Pastor Jim Stanley fulfills both of those roles for Traders Point staff members, working closely with the leaders of the church’s five ministry departments (Administration, Facilities, Care, Discipleship, and Outreach) as he oversees the church’s strategic process and its day-to-day operations.

    Jim’s primary role is to ensure that all departments support and make progress toward the mission of church as a whole, and do so in alignment with the specific vision God has given—and is giving—to Aaron and the elders. But sharing his perspective and knowledge with those leaders is only the beginning; Jim is equally passionate about encouraging and guiding all staff members, facilitating their growth and engagement with one another in ways that will transform them and our church. “I get a detailed, inside look at our incredibly committed, diverse, and talented staff team,” Jim says. “I love to see all the parts work together—working as intended, ultimately to engage people with the Gospel and transform lives.”

    Jim credits various people with providing him the heart for such service—his dad for his outgoing and inclusive personality, his mom for her attention to detail, and Howard Brammer, who has mentored and invested in Jim since he joined the church staff in 1994 (Jim credits the Holy Spirit for that fortunate decision, explaining, “I was called here when I wasn’t even looking.”). Jim has a Bachelor of Science in economics from Ball State University and an Master of Arts in theological studies from Cincinnati Christian University. He is married to Jennifer, and they are the parents of Clark, Jack, Erin, and Trey.

  • Shawn Hitchcock

    Shawn Hitchcock

    Executive Director of Church Development


  • Casey Griesi


  • Cindy Meskauskas

    Executive Assistant

  • Sandy Whybrew

    Executive Assistant


  • Jenny Braun

    Jenny Braun

    Director of Administration, Department Leader

    With an eye for detail and heart for people, Jenny Braun uses her unique gifting to lead the Administrative Ministries department, including Finance and IT. A member of Traders Point since 1996, Jenny originally came on staff as director of finance in 2007. Now, Jenny oversees financial reporting, budgeting, payroll, and HR for TPCC. Holding a Bachelor of Science from Butler University, Jenny uses her skills and experience to serve the pastoral staff directly and resource them well. She is married to her husband, Jeff.

  • Seeing technology as another tool for ministry, Tim Broad serves as the IT director at Traders Point. Tim leads the information technology team with a keen interest in how technology can shape the church, providing excellent service and support for systems and network needs at TPCC. With a heart for serving people and doing things well, Tim enjoys being able to use his talent to expand the use of technology for the Kingdom. Tim attended Cincinnati Christian University and Axia College, and is married to his wife, Janice, and father of Peyton, Logan, and Jaxon.


  • Sarah Booth

    Finance Assistant

  • Brad England

    IT Support Technician

  • Janet Mitchell

    Database Administrator

  • Kathleen Poland

    Human Resources Assistant

  • Kathleen Smith

    Data Entry Specialist

  • Dee Ann Steward

    Finance Assistant


  • Phil Wright

    Phil Wright

    Counseling Pastor, Department Leader

    Throughout Jesus’ ministry on earth, we often see Him stop and take time to listen to just one voice in the midst of a large crowd. With the same spirit, Phil Wright serves as the counseling pastor at TPCC, providing a high standard of care and counseling to individuals, couples, and families. He also gives vision and leadership as the department leader for the care department. On a weekly basis, Phil gets a front row seat to the transforming work of Jesus in people’s everyday lives. He is married to Mary Jo, and they are parents of Mary Kay, Phillip, and Charla, and grandparents to six grandchildren.

  • Sheri El

    Sheri El

    Benevolence Minister

    When we become convinced of God’s love for all people, we grow an urgency to help those who find themselves in a rut. Sheri El serves as the benevolence minister at TPCC, working one-on-one with Traders Point families and the local community who are in need of financial help and providing oversight and coordination of support programs focused on the material needs of the community. She received her Bachelor of Science in organizational leadership from Indiana Wesleyan University and spent 26 years in administrative and management roles with Ameritech/SBC. She uses her past experiences, along with her love for listening to others and meeting them right where they are, to help resource and encourage people in difficult circumstances. Sheri is married to Myron Sr. and has two sons, Myron II (married to Josie) and Marcus.

  • Dan Evans

    Dan Evans

    Care Minister

    In The Problem of Pain, C.S. Lewis writes, “God whispers to us in our pleasures, speaks in our conscience, but shouts in our pains: it is His megaphone to rouse a deaf world.” On staff since 1993, Dan assumed the role of care minister in 2009, leading life groups and the TPCC community in practicing effective pastoral care in response to needs within the church body. He also oversees all care ministries, including Divorce Care, Celebrate Recovery, and GriefShare. No stranger to loss and heartbreak, Dan ministers from the redemptive experiences of his own journey with Christ, walking alongside others when they find themselves in a painful circumstance. Dan holds a Bachelor of Arts from Lincoln Christian College and an Master of Science from Indiana University. Dan is married to Carol and father of David and Rachel.


  • Karlene Kashman

    Administrative Assistant


  • Erica Thomas

    Erica Thomas

    Communications Director, Department Leader

    As Traders Point grows, both in attendance and in increased visibility, the need for accurate, relevant communications grows as well. And Communications Director Erica Thomas has a passion for providing exactly that. Whether distributing information to staff, the congregation, media representatives, or others, she draws on both the experience of her network of fellow professional communicators as well as her previous job experience—which has included work at Menlo Park Presbyterian Church and Silicon Valley start-up companies. Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay area, Erica has a Bachelor of Science from California Polytechnic State University and is working toward her Master of Science in organizational leadership from Indiana Wesleyan. Since joining TPCC in late 2011, she has, despite the many differences between California and Indiana lifestyles, found lifelong friends and extremely satisfying, God-honoring work here in Indianapolis. She is married to Eddy, and they are parents to their daughter, Gabby.



  • Don Keehner

    Don Keehner

    Discipleship Pastor, Department Leader

    Sitting in the Worship Center for a weekend service, you may hear a phrase or sing a song that stirs a desire for personal growth. But true, genuine life transformation doesn’t stay in the rows of seats—it happens in relationship. With a strong belief that discipleship happens best when we are in relationship with others, Don Keehner serves as the discipleship pastor and department leader for the discipleship team at Traders Point. He focuses on casting vision, developing structure, and training leaders for all TPCC life groups. Don is a graduate of Cincinnati Christian University, and is married to his wife, Kelly, and father of Caleb, Danielle, Nathan, and Beza.

  • Sherry Branam

    Sherry Branam

    Life Group Minister

    Sherry Branam serves as a life group minister at TPCC, providing vision for the Discipleship department and recruiting, training, and encouraging leaders for women’s life groups. With experience ranging from teaching elementary music to being an event planner for FAME Medical Missions, Sherry has a passion to carry out God’s mission of moving people closer and closer to Christ. Sherry is a graduate of Johnson University, and is a mom of three sons and "Gigi" to three grandchildren.

  • Aaron Hoover

    Aaron Hoover

    Life Group Minister

    In the spring of 2009, Aaron and his new wife, Megan, moved to Indianapolis to start their life new together. After a few months of calling Indy home, they came to Traders Point Christian Church and quickly got involved. Aaron served on the worship band and as a life group leader, all while working as a project manager for a local remediation company and receiving his masters in evangelism and church planting from Liberty University. Aaron stepped into a new role this past fall and now serves on our staff as life group minister, overseeing the training and equipping for all of the men’s and mixed life groups, as well as developing the life group sermon study on a weekly basis. Aaron is originally from Syracuse and is husband to his wife, Megan, and they are parents to their son, Wesley.

  • Cade Stockwell

    Cade Stockwell

    New Member Minister

    Psalm 92 paints a picture of God’s people flourishing and living up to the purpose He has for their lives. With that imagery in mind, Cade serves as the new member minister at Traders Point. With a background in sports management from Marion College, Cade uses his skills of organization and encouragement to help new members plug into the church body, connect with one another, and get involved in service. He is married to his wife, Jill, and they are parents to Brooklyn, Camden, Savannah, and Ellie.

  • Diana Weir

    Diana Weir

    New Member Life Group Director

    As the church grows bigger, it has to get smaller. As new member life group director, Diana helps transition new members who completed the Discovery class into life groups, where they experience real discipleship, pastoral care, and service. For new members, TPCC becomes a smaller community where they can be known. Holding a degree from Indiana University and experience ranging from social work to financial services, Diana is living out her dream by helping people grow closer to Jesus and one another. When she’s not doing that, Diana loves to spend time with family.


  • Cathy Rowan

    Administrative Assistant


  • Margaret Rawson

    Margaret Rawson

    Facilities Director, Department Leader

    In Acts 6:1-7, there’s a scene where church leaders are in an argument over the distribution of fish. Instead of wasting all of their energy on a discussion about food, they realize they need help, and call seven men by name who live in the details, all so they can focus on teaching the Word of God. Fast-forward 2,000 years and insert Margaret Rawson, a woman with a passion to support Traders Point in the details. Margaret serves as the facilities director and department leader for Facilities at TPCC, working to create an engaging atmosphere for those who worship at Traders Point. She also works with our property, building, and events teams, who plan and execute a wide variety of activities. With a degree from Indiana University and a background as a US Navy surgical assistant, Margaret is also the mother of her four favorite people: Jeff, Zach, Lain, and Aaron.

  • Preston Forte

    Preston Forte'

    Building Services Director

    When you walk around the campus of TPCC and feel like you've been invited into someone's home, thank Preston Forte'. On staff since 2013, Preston's role includes oversight of all custodial staff, daily upkeep and appearance of the building, and working with production and scheduling for event set-up on campus. With a love for serving behind the scenes and working in the details, Preston hopes to create a positive experience for everyone that comes on campus and encourage his team while doing so. Preston originally hails from Chicago and has one daughter, Kara-Lynn.

  • Rob Nance

    Rob Nance

    Property Director

    What began as a reflective moment in an unfinished baptistery translated into a job as property manager at TPCC. Back in 2007, Rob was on the construction team that built the current building. With a thorough knowledge of the campus and a strong connection to it, his family kept coming to TPCC after construction was complete. A few years later, with a vision to use this building as a tool for the Kingdom of God, Rob joined the staff at Traders Point as the property manager. He maintains the physical systems of the building—plumbing, HVAC, electrical, and security—in addition to preserving the outside appearance of the building and property. Rob is married to Kendra, father to Matthew and Michael, and grandpa to Easton and Harper.

  • April Stegeman

    April Stegeman

    Guest Experience Director

    With experience ranging from the National Guard, professional wedding planning, event management, marketing, and more, April Stegeman serves on staff as the guest experience director. Originally hailing from South Dakota, April is passionate about helping guests feel welcome and working in the details to make events run smoothly. April assists internal ministries and outside groups that hold events at TPCC, overseeing areas of The Park, welcome desk, guest services, and child care. April holds a bachelors degree in event management and tourism from Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis.


  • Allison Ackert

    Guest Services Coordinator

  • Rob Brown

    Property Assistant

  • Sara Kehrer

    Park and Welcome Desk Coordinator

  • Terri Klein

    Guest Services Coordinator

  • Jill Stockwell

    Child Care Coordinator

  • Jackie Tague

    Building Scheduler


  • Tim Thompson

    Tim Thompson

    Kids Pastor, Department Leader

    A construction manager turned kids pastor, Tim Thompson knows the next generation will follow in the footsteps of those who lead them. After serving as a volunteer at his church for several years, he left his job in construction management to follow where God was leading—to serve in the local church. With a heart for kids and families, Tim serves as the kids pastor at TPCC and is the department leader for Kids' Ministry, helping staff and volunteers create a consistent and engaging atmosphere for first through fourth graders. Hailing from Purdue University, Tim is now pursuing his Masters of Divinity in pastoral leadership from Cincinnati Christian University. Tim is married to Emily, and they are parents to their daughter, Faith.

  • Shanna Lotz

    Shanna Lotz

    Early Childhood Minister

    At Traders Point, we want kids’ weekend experience to reflect the love of God. Shanna Lotz serves as the early childhood minister, leading volunteers and staff to create an engaging environment for every child who walks through the doors here at TPCC. Shanna loves to see a child’s positive experience strengthen the faith of the entire family. With a Bachelor of Science in christian education from Lincoln Christian University and Bachelor of Arts in psychology from the University of Illinois, Shanna is married to Matt, and mother to her daughters, Bailey and Brynn.

  • Kacy Nees

    Kacy Nees

    Preschool Volunteer Director

  • Wendy Wilken

    Wendy Wilken

    Special Needs Director

    Through a career in teaching in the local school system, Wendy grew a passion for kids with special needs. After receiving her Bachelor of Arts in elementary education, Special Education Licensing from Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College, and her Masters of Education from Indiana Wesleyan University, Wendy found herself wanting to do more for the community of families with kids who have special needs. Wendy joined the staff at TPCC in January 2013 as the special needs director, serving kids and helping them experience Jesus in a fun, loving, and safe environment. Wendy serves families by giving them the opportunity to worship on the weekend. She wants kids with special needs to know they matter, they are worthy, and that God loves them deeply. Wendy is married to Dave, and they are parents to their son, Elliott.


  • Kelly Bosma

    Nursery and Toddler Volunteer Coordinator

  • Burgess Brown

    Elementary Volunteer Coordinator

  • Angie Hough

    Elementary Small Group Coordinator

  • Amanda Lund

    Weekend Coordinator

  • Leanne Smiley

    Administrative Assistant

  • Katy Towles

    Nursery and Toddler Programming Coordinator


  • Dave Jamerson

    Dave Jamerson

    Outreach Pastor, Department Leader

    With a vision to make an impact locally and globally, Dave Jamerson serves as the outreach pastor at TPCC. Dave’s wide range of experience—from a career in the NBA to sports ministry—helps fulfill his role in equipping others to effectively engage the community and the world with the love of Christ.

    After retiring from the NBA in 1995, Dave had a strong desire to reach professional and college athletes with the Gospel. He went into full-time ministry and found himself frequenting the Indianapolis area where he led Bible studies for the Colts. A few years and transitions later (including leading a church plant in Carmel and serving as international director and president of Champions for Christ), Dave and his family started attending Traders Point. The loving and caring community they found at TPCC immediately captivated them.

    In February of 2008, Dave came on board to oversee the Outreach department. Dave serves as the church-wide strategy developer, communicator, equipper, and implementer in leading and mobilizing our church toward strategic engagement in our community and around the world. Dave is married to his wife, April, and they are parents of Bret, Elijah, Trey, and Mia.

  • Matt Hessel

    Matt Hessel

    Connections Pastor

    Walking into a large room without recognizing a face can feel intimidating. With the purpose of making guests feel welcome, Matt Hessel serves as the connections pastor at TPCC. His primary role is to help people connect to TPCC and transition from first-time visitors through life groups, ministry involvement, Membership, First Step, and other outreach opportunities. Matt also serves on the teaching team and periodically preaches on weekends. With experience in sales and marketing and holding his Bachelor of Science from Indiana Wesleyan University, Matt loves that God led him back to his home church, and feels grateful to lead among the people that helped ignite his faith growing up. Matt is married to his wife, Kelly, and they are parents to Sawyer, Georgia, and Sutton.



  • Petie Kinder

    Petie Kinder

    Student Pastor, Department Leader

    How do you help students become passionate about Jesus when they already have everything they want? With a heart for students and families, Petie Kinder serves as a student pastor and department leader for Student Ministry, overseeing seventh through twelfth grades. After graduating from Cincinnati Christian University, Petie served in several capacities of ministry, from Lexington, KY, to Seattle, WA (including a short stint at Apple). Petie landed here at TPCC with a passion to reach students far from God. Husband of wife, Brittany, and father of sons, Emmitt and Solomon, Petie desires to build a bridge for students who don’t believe—allowing them to see they are loved and accepted, no matter who they are or what they come from.

  • Ryan Bramlett

    Ryan Bramlett

    Student Outreach Minister

    Five years ago, Ryan Bramlett stepped into Traders Point as a skeptic. For most of his life, he had considered church a place where good people gathered to debate religion, but then in his early twenties, he met a friend, Stephanie, who changed his perspective. After a long conversation about what the gospel really was, he decided he needed to check it out for himself. After visiting Traders Point, he was hooked. “I couldn’t get enough of the Bible—I was hungry to learn and know more about God,” he says. A year later, he was baptized and transferred to Cincinnati Christian University, moving from a degree in sports management to leadership and ministry. Also, that friend who introduced him to Jesus? She became his wife. He and his wife served together as volunteers in student ministry, with a heart to reach students who are far from God and disconnected from church. Today, Ryan serves on staff as student outreach minister, overseeing first impressions and student outreach around the Indianapolis area. Ryan and Stephanie are parents to their daughter, Kampbell and son, Rhys.

  • Matt Lietzen

    Matt Lietzen

    Student Discipleship Minister

    When students experience real community, life transformation happens. With a passion for seeing students live out their faith and build authentic relationships that push them towards growth, Matt Lietzen serves as the student discipleship minister at Traders Point. During his college years, Matt went through the leadership residency program at Christ’s Church of the Valley in Peoria, Arizona, where he worked in the area of discipleship. He’s originally from Kansas City, Kansas and received his BS in leadership and pastoral ministry from Manhattan Christian College. Matt oversees all of the life group leaders for middle school and high school, working hard to make sure every student is placed in a group where they are loved, known, and spiritually challenged.

  • Eric Pendley

    Eric Pendley

    Fifty-Six Minister

    As a theatre major and former kindergarten teacher, Eric Pendley never would’ve guessed part of his journey would land him here at Traders Point. He and his wife, Michelle, began attending TPCC shortly after moving to Indianapolis, and quickly got involved as volunteers in Kids’ Ministry. After serving as a volunteer for the past few years, Eric felt like God was preparing him for something more. He now serves at TPCC as the fifty-six minister, overseeing an environment tailored just for preteens as a transition between elementary and middle school. Eric’s primary goal is to create space where 5th and 6th graders can grow, have fun, and begin to take ownership of their faith.



  • Neil Troyer

    Neil Troyer

    Worship Department Pastor, Department Leader

    With experience ranging from classical guitar, discipleship, student ministry, and technical director, Neil Troyer has served on TPCC staff since 2004. Over time, Neil grew passionate about growing, teaching, and training leaders, urging people to take the next step in their relationship and walk with Christ. After serving in a variety of roles at Traders Point, Neil now serves as the leader of the Worship department. Originally hailing from Atlanta, IL, and holding a Bachelor of Arts from Lincoln Christian College, Neil is married to his wife, Amy, and dad of Micah, Kylie, Lyndon, and Kian.

  • John came to Traders Point as a worship pastor after working in a similar capacity at a church in Modesto, California. His role at Traders Point consists not only of serving on the worship-leading rotation, but working specifically with music technology and advancing overall production. Learning proficiency in piano and guitar from his dad, John got his start in music at the age of four. John’s passion for leading people to Christ through music really took off as a teenager, after serving as a missionary in Brazil alongside his parents. While living in Brazil, he finished his college education through American InterContinental University, which also happened to be the only online university that could send him books in the Amazon. John is married to his wife, Brittany, and they have one daughter, Baylor.

  • Brent Whetstine

    Brent Whetstine

    Production Director

  • George Wiley

    George Wiley

    Creative Video Director

    When anyone tells a story of how Christ transformed their life, they tell the story of who God is. On staff since September 2011, George serves as the creative video director at Traders Point, helping people share their stories and pointing others to the message of the Gospel. During middle school, George was asked to put together a few short videos for his church. Through the process, he discovered his passion to creatively tell stories through film. Originally from Indianapolis, George went on to study broadcast production at Anderson University. After graduating, he married Jenny, and they moved to Birmingham, Alabama, where they had their first son. They decided to come back to Indianapolis and eventually landed here at TPCC. Now, George uses his unique passion and ability to enhance the message communicated through video and oversee the video team. He and Jenny have four kids: Miles, Oscar, June, and Calvin.


  • Brock Childs

    Creative Video Producer

  • Brad Doran

    Production Systems Engineer

  • Kathy Faulkner

    Administrative Assistant

  • Jonathan Ficklin

    Production Systems Technician

  • Josh Sjoerdsma

    Age Level Production Coordinator